The AutoDrive Challenge is a 4+ year competition sponsored by SAE and General Motors to develop and demonstrate a fully autonomous driving passenger vehicle. Each year of the competition there will be new challenges building towards the goal of navigating an urban driving course. Currently, there are at least 8 universities competing against each … Read more

T-Shirt Cannon Robot

    Who likes free T-Shirts? Who like cannons? Guess what… WE GOT T-SHIRT CANNONS! Well, just one. One of the more recent projects that was thought up by a student, the T-Shirt Cannon robot is all about designing a robot that is capable of launching high-velocity packaged T-Shirts into the stands during football and hockey … Read more


    Tasked with the incredibly difficult task of studying the Keweena’s mines and water ways, the ROV team is modifying the BlueROV2 submersible making it capable of navigating and sampling some the hardest to reach locations under the water.     The difficulties of modifying a submersible are only compounded by questions like: How can you … Read more

Auto Rally

    Auto Rally is a project that is focused on creating and delivering an autonomous 1/10th size RC race car. In the past, the Auto Rally team converted the HPI BAJA 5B RC car from gas to electric which gave it greatly improved acceleration power and maximum speed. They also weatherproofed the frame and added … Read more

Aurora Minor

    When joining RSE, your first stop will be working on team Aurora Minor where you can get a taste of what RSE is all about. After being given a Zumo robot, you will be tasked with programming it to do a new, innovative, or interesting thing. People in the past have programmed it to … Read more

AutoDrive (Localization)

Background and Purpose: Our team is responsible for writing a section of the Concept Design Report required for the Autodrive competition. We are trying to implement new methods for our car to navigate without GPS. Another use was getting new members up to speed for understanding where our team stands in this competition, and how … Read more