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Why Join?

The Enterprise program at Michigan Tech is becoming more and more noticed by industry everyday. It is a recurring fact, that employers that participate in Michigan Tech’s career fair come here to search for Tech students, especially those that have enterprise experience. Robotic Systems immerses students into a variety of industrial skill sets from a variety of majors. It allows students to gain knowledge from all sorts of engineering principles (electrical, mechanical, etc.), programming, design, and so much more.

We encourage anyone interested in joining the Robotic Systems Enterprise to please visit our contact us page.

Join Us

If you are interested in any way, sit in at one of our weekly meetings every Wednesday at 7:00 PM.  Location at:

  • EERC 100 – Fall Semesters
  • DOW 641 – Spring Semesters

The Robotic Systems Enterprise accepts any major. We are looking to create a well rounded team of individuals to support our many projects. We have individuals majoring from Engineering to Software Programming to Medical Technology and so much in between!

We specifically need the following:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science

Robotic Systems Enterprise welcomes anyone that feels like this is the organization for them. We offer plenty of options to anyone new to the enterprise, whether you are a 1st year, starting your cap-stone or anywhere in between.

If you’d like to join, fill out this waiver, get it signed by our advisor, Dr. Darrell Robinette, and send it to the Registrar’s Office. For the easiest way to sign up, email the filled out electronic version of this waiver to dlrobine@mtu.edu and then email his signed copy over to your academic advisor.

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