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Robotic Systems Enterprise

The Robotic Systems Enterprise has a variety of individuals, all with different skills to offer. All of our members are striving to become better at what they do and are actually working with real world industry, recreational, and research projects.

Below you will find our current list of members. Each include their name, major, year, project(s), and position in the enterprise. Currently, we are working on collecting resumes from all of our members.

Tyler HansenComputer Engineering4thGVSCProject Engineertphansen@mtu.eduLinkedIn
Jason AckermanComputer Engineering3rdAutoDrive: InnovationProject Engineerjsackerm@mtu.edu
Neil DennisComputer Science & Electrical Engineering4thAutoDrive: Perception CartProject Engineernrdennis@mtu.edu
Suzie HarrisMechanical Engineering5thAutoDrive: Software Req & DevelopmentProject Engineersuharris@mtu.eduLinkedIn
Hunter GippRobotics Engineering3rdT-Shirt CannonProject Engineerhdgipp@mtu.eduLinkedIn
Ian MattsonElectrical Engineer2ndGVSC Leader/FollowerLeadershipiqmattso@mtu.edu
Joshua ParkinsonRobotics Engineering2ndAurora MinorProject Engineerjparkins@mtu.edu

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