Current Projects

Presently, RSE’s main projects include the automated T-Shirt Cannon,  Niryo Ned Arm, Aurora Minor, GVSC Leader-Follower, and AutoDrive II. Members of RSE are divided into subgroups to work on each of our projects. We use small, dynamic teams to create an environment of growth that fosters feelings of contribution and confidence.

AutoDrive II

The AutoDrive II Challenge is a continuation of the original AutoDrive competition sponsored by SAE and General Motors to develop and demonstrate an SAE Level 4 autonomous driving passenger vehicle.

At RSE we split the competition goals between several teams that utilize methods commonly used in the industry to create a solution for their respective problems. Then we bring those together and improve with the peer-review process to create a unique autonomous vehicle.

GVSC Leader-Follower

The US Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) sponsors our Clearpath Jackal Leader-Follower project. The goal is to create an autonomous convoy of five Jackal robots, such as the one seen to the left, that can navigate to a destination while maintaining a safe distance between the vehicles and avoiding obstacles.

T-Shirt Cannon

The focus of this project is to create a robot that will be able to shoot t-shirts into the crowd at the various events happening on Michigan Tech’s campus (hockey, football games, etc.). The robot’s primary advantage will be the remote operation and release. We are currently moderating the design created by the enterprise members in the past years to build an even better system.

Niryo Ned

This project has mainly educational as well as outreach purposes. We create demonstrations that could be easily replicated by prospective students visiting our lab and inspire the next generation of roboticists. Currently, members are working on a Tic-Tac-Toe program.

Aurora Minor

Each new member of our enterprise has a chance to show off their creativity and learn crucial skills while working with the Zumo robot during their first month at RSE. Completed projects enter the competition where we award the most innovative and interesting designs!